Cleaning and Maintenance for Your Home Waterfall Feature

Written by admin on June 18, 2013. Posted in Articles

waterfall_articleFew things in life are as soothing as the sound of running water. The calming effects of falling water have been enjoyed by mankind for thousands of years. Once the sole domain of the rich, recent advances in the technologies of water fall supplies and systems have brought this tranquil and relaxing pastime to tens of thousands of people.

Across America and the rest of the world, news weary people are ever more opting to take refuge from the world not in some foreign tourist spot, but beside a backyard stream or waterfall of their own creation. The rushing water, the sights and sounds that make waterfalls so popular, allow each of us to turn our own yards into a personal retreat from the cares of the world. With or without an adjoining pond, waterfall features can become an increasingly desirable spot for the entire family to picnic, party, and play.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

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front-yard-landcapingFront yard landscaping ideas can include many areas. Planting beds, driveways, walkways, privacy, and types of plants to use are just a few. Here you will find many ideas and tips to help you with your design.

Your front yard presents to the world your home and a bit about you. It is the one people see as they walk and drive by. It is the one you see each and every day.

It also presents itself to your family and guests. So it is important to have it make you feel good and smile. When you drive up to it or walk outside your door it should look great to you. Your landscape should welcome you with attractive plantings, a nice driveway, and a comfortable walkway.

The Importance of Landscaping

Written by admin on June 11, 2013. Posted in Articles

bridgeThere are endless benefits to using landscaping in your yard. Landscaping can make dull and solid areas pleasing to the eyes. It is responsible for making ordinary homes into spectacular ones and office buildings into warm, livable spaces.

Beautiful landscaping in your yard can increase the property value of your home. It is recommended by The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) that you put about 10 percent of the homes value in landscaping. This investment in your property’s appearance can add up to 20 percent to your homes estimated value. This is certainly an area you do not want to neglect!

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