Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

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front-yard-landcapingFront yard landscaping ideas can include many areas. Planting beds, driveways, walkways, privacy, and types of plants to use are just a few. Here you will find many ideas and tips to help you with your design.

Your front yard presents to the world your home and a bit about you. It is the one people see as they walk and drive by. It is the one you see each and every day.

It also presents itself to your family and guests. So it is important to have it make you feel good and smile. When you drive up to it or walk outside your door it should look great to you. Your landscape should welcome you with attractive plantings, a nice driveway, and a comfortable walkway.

Unique Ideas For a Special Look

A seat wall along your walkway - add this for interest and also a place to sit to enjoy your front yard landscape. This can be a free standing wall at the edge of the walk near the foundation plants. End it with boulders or low columns.

A front sitting area – this can be designed near your front porch as an extension of the walkway. Add a bench or even a seat wall to add something different to your walkway.

An arbor at the beginning of your walkway – a very charming feature, but make sure it does not block the view of your house. Placing shrubs on either side will enhance it, as will flowering vines.

A trellis on a blank wall of your house – grow evergreen flowering vines on it to add some vertical interest. You can also use vines that lose there leaves but have nice branching for the winter.

Lots of perennials – flowering perennials throughout the seasons will add to the beauty of your landscape and provide great color. Plant flower colors that go well together.

An alley of trees up your driveway – the number of trees you would use would depend on your driveway length. This is one of my favorite front yard landscaping ideas. What trees to use? Red Maples, Pear trees, Zelkova and Dogwoods are all good choices although there are many others that would work.

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